Monday, February 19, 2018

Vaastu Interior For Good Family Life

Vaastu Interior For Good Family Life
Vastu comes from the same ancient scriptures of the Vedas that define the practises of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and Vedic astrology. Vastu is the yoga of interiors, bringing balance to your life, health and harmony to your environment, inner peace and tranquility through order, and unity. Meditation gives the experience of pure consciousness to the subtle spirit; Vastu enhances this and connects us with the source through proper channels of design
Please visit us at and enjoy the energies of Indian interiors, decorate with Vastu elements and energize your home.
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Hanuman Statue Brass Sculpture 7.5"Indian Statue Fluting Krishna Brass Sculpture God of Love Divine Joy Idol Figurine IndiaSaraswati Playing Veena Brass Statue 8 InchHindu Shiva Nataraja Dancing Statue Natraj Carved Hindu God Figurine 17inchGoddess Lakshmi Brass Statue- Hindu Deity of Wealth & Prosperity Religious GiftGoddess Lakshmi Brass Statue- Hindu Deity of Wealth & Prosperity Religious GiftBhikshasthana Shiva Brass Statue Indian Art Yoga Decor Sculpture 12"Standing Kwan yin Brass Statue Idol 16inchLakshmi Brass Statue 6 InchStanding Buddha Sculpture Handmade Brass Statue 7inchHindu God Ganesha Statue Conch Ganesh Brass Statues India Yoga Gift IdeaGanesh Brass Statue Sitting Hindu God Ganesha Sculpture Prayer Temple DecorKrishna Brass Statue Lord Krishn Dancing on Serpent Kaliya- The Dance of VictoryLord Krishna Brass Statue Playing Flute From India, Religious Gift Idea

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