Thursday, July 16, 2015

Indian Antique Brass Statues


Mogulinterior Adding serenity to beauty,Brass statues of Hindu Gods are a perfect collectible item to decorate your home or workplace increasing the positive chi of your environment. Detailed and beautiful with joyful and serene expressions Shiva statues, Ganesh sculpture, Vishnu and Hanuman murtis, hand carved yoga idols of Patanjali are graceful gifts and convey your blessings to the receiver.

  Brass Krishna Statue Playing Flute God of Love DivineBrass Krishna Hindu God Statue Playing FluteBrass Krishna Statue Playing Flute with Cow
Brass Radha & Krishna StatueRadha Krishna Brass Statue with Cow  Symbol Of LoveFluting Krishna Brass Statue
Krishna Brass Statue Playing Flute 13 InchDivine Couple Radha Krishna Brass Sculpture 10Gopal Krishna Brass Sculpture Playing FluteKrishna Brass Statue Dancing On Serpent KaliyaLord Krishna Brass Sculpture Playing Flute 7 InchBrass krishna Statue Playing Flute Hindu GodsSitting Krishna Brass Statue Playing Flute with CowBrass Krishna Statue Standing Krishna Idol Playing the FluteStanding Radha Krishna Brass Statue Symbol of LoveLord Krishna Brass Statue Sitting Over Calf with Playing FluteHindu God Ganesha Brass Statue Vinayak MurtiBlessing Lord Ganesha Brass StatueLord Ganesha Brass Statue Hindu Gods IdolHindu God Ganesha Brass StatueBrass Ganesha Statue Seated on his Vehicle Two RatsDancing Ganesha Brass Statue in Conch Style SerpentDancing Ganesha Brass SculptureNrittya Ganesha Brass Statue Gud Luck GaneshaLord Ganesha Brass Statue Seated in a Blessing PoseNataraja Dancing Ganesha Brass Statue with Diya Oil LampGood Luck Ganesha Brass SculptureSitting Ganesha Brass Statue Remover of ObstaclesSitting Ganesha Brass Statue Hindu Gods SculptureGud Luck Ganesha Brass Statue Sitting on a LeafGanesha Brass Statue Sitting on a ChowkiBlessing Ganesha Brass Sculpture Religious StatueConch Ganesha Brass Statue Spiritual Gift IdeaSitting Ganesha Brass Statue God of SuccessKneeling Hanuman Brass StatueKneeling Hanuman Brass Statue In Blessing PostureHindu God Hanuman Brass Statue Yoga DecorBrass Hanuman Statue Carrying Mountain of HerbsMedicine Buddha Brass StatueMeditating Buddha Brass StatueStanding Buddha Brass StatueMeditating Buddha Brass Statue Sitting in Vitarka MudraAntique Brass Standing Buddha StatueEarth Touching Buddha Brass StatueMeditating Buddha Sculpture Arch Frame Brass StatueMeditatin Buddha Sculpture Sitting Buddha Brass StatueStanding Buddha Brass Statue in Blessing PostureHindu Gods Family Shiva Parvati Nandi Ganesha Brass StatueShiva Devotee Nandi Lord Shiva Parvati  Brass StatueGaja Lakshmi Brass Statue with Kirtimukha a TopStanding Gaja Lakshmi Brass Statue with Kirtimukha a TopSitting Lord Shiva Parvati with Son Ganesha & MuruganStanding Hindu Goddess Lakshmi in Blessing PoseHindu Goddess Saraswati Brass Statue Playing VeenaBrass Goddess Durga Statue Seated on LionBrass Saraswati Statue with Veena Seated on a SwanBrass Statue Of Kali Standing On Shiva
Brass Goddess Lakshmi StatueBrass Vishnu Statue 8Bhikshasthana Shiva Brass Statue
Hindu Gods Brass Shiva StatueNandi Brass Statue Of Shivas BullStanding Gandhara Buddha Brass Statue

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