Saturday, June 27, 2015

Indian Stone Sculptures

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Mogulinterior statue is a sculpture portraying a specific entity, generally a person, incident, occasion, animal or object. The primary concern of a metal statue is depictive and representational. Statues are generally built to venerate any historical event. Adding serenity to beauty, brass statues are perfect collectible items to decorate your home or workplace to bring life into your environment.

Dancing Ganesha  Lord Ganesha Stone StatueGoddess Maa Kali Hand Crafted Sculpture Black StoneEarth Touching Garden Buddha Stone StatueTrimukha Ganesha Sitting on Lotus Base Stone Statueust-08.jpgust-09.jpgust-13.jpgGarden Buddha Statue Dharmachakra Buddha Sculptureust-10.jpgust-11.jpgKneeling Hanuman Stone Sculpture 6Powerful Ganapati Hand Carved Stone Sculpture
Lord Balaganpati Stone Sculpture Spiritual StatueHindu God Standing Vishnu Stone Statue Religious Altar IdolHindu Goddess Ganga on Crocodile Hand Carved Pink Stone Statue   

Musical Ganesha Statue Playing Flute Stone SculptureLord Ganesha Sitting in Trident Stone StatueLord Ganesha in Conch Shell Stone Statue

Hindu God Dancing Ganesha 8 arms Under Five Hooded SerpentGarden Sculpture Apsara Figurine Sand Stone Dancing Lady StatueHindu Goddess Kali Stone Statue 10
Goddess Saraswati Playing Veena Stone Statue 8Hand Carved Yoga Guru Patanjali Stone Statue 8 inchHindu Goddess Kali with Lord Shiva Hand Carved Stone Statue 12
Hindu Goddess Kali Stone Statue 10
Beautiful Stone Carving Yoga Guru Patanjali Statue
Yoga Guru Patanjali Stone Statue 10

Meditating Buddha Stone Statue 8Standing Buddha Statue Carving Stone Sculpture 10Hindu God 8 Armed Fluting Ganesha hand carved Stone Statue
Ganesha Dancing on Dwarf in Nutraja Style Stone Statue8 Armed Prabhavalli Fluting Ganesha hand carved Stone StatueShiva Sculpture Battling with Elephant Demon Carved Stone Shiv Statue
Hindu God Lord Vishnu Stone Statue 8Musical Ganesha Blowing Conch Stone StatueNatraja Stone Statue God Ganesha Sculpture 6 Inch
Elephant God Ganesha Statue Gift Sculpture 6 InchHindu God Buddha Statue Yoga Meditation Idol Gift 6Lakshmi Statue Goddess of Prosperity Stone Sculpture 8
Antique Apsara Brass Sculpture Home Decorative Figurine CollectiblesLord Buddha Standing in Varadamudra Sculpture Gorara Stone
God Buddha in Varadamudra Gorara Stone SculptureMaharishi Yoga Guru Patanjali with Five Hooded Cobra StatueYoga Guru Five Hooded Patanjali Stone Sculpture 8Yoga Guru Patanjali Stone Statue Five Hooded SerpentHand Carved Yoga Guru Patanjali Stone Statue 8 inch

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