Friday, June 19, 2015

Embroidered Sari Tapestry

Embroidered Sari Tapestry

Sari Tapestries are vintage patches with floral and Indian motifs in a gorgeous array of design, add to the allure of our bohemian interiors. Abstract yet in a beautiful design the wall Hangings are pieced together in a random fashion with the blueprint in the creator's mind. Red, orange , turquoise, yellow , khaki, midnight blues, kiwi green, deep blues, magenta pink, purples the colors are what speak to you in their ambience. Exotic, stylish rhapsody of ethnic designs adds in a global flair to your decor.

Indian Wall Tapestry Orange Red Patchwork Wall HangingIndian Wall Hanging Maroon Red Sari Tapestry ThrowIndia Decor Beaded Sari Tapestry Red Patchwork Wall HangingDecorative Wall Hanging Olive Green Vintage Sari TapestryIndian Wall Hanging Vintage Beaded Yellow TapestryHome Decor Wall Hanging Red Orange Sari TapestryBeaded Wall Hanging Orange Vintage Sari TapestriesPink Decorative Wall Hanging India Sari TapestryDecorative Wall Hangings Orange Vintage Sari TapestryIndian Sari Tapestry Blue Wall ThrowRed Wall hanging Indian Inspired Tapestry ThrowRed Tapestry Embroidered Ethnic Wall HangingIndian Patchwork Tapestry Brown Embroidered Wall HangingBohemian Orange Wall Tapestry Vintage Sari Patchwork ThrowRed Indian Tapestry Elephant Motif Wall HangingsIndian Inspired Wall Tapestry Green Banjara Throw
Kutch Embroidery Tapestry Red Wall HangingGreen Sari Tapestry Kutch Embroidery Wall HangingOrange Wall Tapestry Beaded Vintage Sari Throw
Bohemian Wall Hanging Brown Beaded Patchwork Tapestry ThrowKutch Embroidery Tapestry Patchwork Wall HangingBanjara Wall Tapestry Green Patchwork ThrowBanjara Tapestry Throw Kutch Embroidery Wall HangingKutch Embroidery Tapestry Indian Patchwork Wall HangingDecorative Tapestry Throw Kutch Embroidery Wall HangingVintage Sari Tapestry Orange Embroidered Wall HangingKutch Embroidery Tapestry Gujarati Patchwork Wall HangingIndian Orange Traditional Wall HangingBrown Wall Hanging Kutch Embroidery TapestryKutch Embroidery Wall Tapestry Indian Patchwork ThrowTribal Tapestry Throw Kutch Embroidery Wall HangingRed Bohemian Tapestry Kutch Embroidery Wall Hanging ThrowTribal Wall Hanging Indian Inspired Tapestry ThrowGujarati Tapestry Indian Patchwork Wall Hanging ThrowIndian Sari Wall Tapestry Gujarati Patchwork ThrowIndian Inspired Tapestry Kutch Embroidery Wall HangingKutch Embroidery Wall Hanging Green Indian TapestryOld Bridal Sari Yellow Black Patchwork TapestryYellow Embroidered Wall Hanging Vintage Sari Indian TapestryWhite Patchwork Tapestry Bead Embroidery Vintage Sari Throw
Indian Wall Hangings Sequin Embroidery Red TapestryIndian Sari Tapestry Mirror Embroidered Wall Hanging ThrowEthnic Vintage Sari Blue Beaded Wall Hanging
Pink Sari Tapestry Zardosi Embroidered Indian ThrowIndian Golden Yellow Decorative Sari TapestryBlue Vintage Sari Embroidered Wall HangingEthnic Sari Beaded Black TapestryGreen Patchwork Sari Tapestry Throw from IndiaBlack Banjara Wall Tapestry Vintage Sari EmbroideredTeal Blue Sari Decorative Taditional Wall HangingBedroom Decor Indian Blue Wall HangingPatchwork Orange Red Indian Wall HangingPurple India Style Room Decor TapestryOld Sari Patchwork Handmade TapestryCotton Patchwork Blue Embroidered Tapestry Vintage ChicOrange Decorative Sari Tapestry from IndiaYellow Vintage Indian Wall HangingDodger Blue Bohemian Living Room Wall HangingIndian Old Bridal Sari Orange Decorative Tapestry

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